Monday, January 19, 2009


So, here we are again and it is Monday. I am not sure where the week goes and I am sure that I did not do all the things that I write about. But since I don't do them and I blog about them, I guess the cheap therapy is the best! So I hope you have fun reading about all the things that I did not do this past week!

1. It was not me who walked away from a table of students discussing the life of Jesus! I did not listen and smile as they debated whether He was alive or dead because He was on the cross. It did not warm my heart to have this discussion last for more than 10 minutes!

2. It was not me who stapled a student's snowman collage homework right in the middle of my bulletin board because she wrote "I love you Jesus" on it. It was not my heart that was beaming with love when I saw what was written across the scarf and it did not give me pride to put it right in the middle of all other snowmen collages!

3. It was not me who was singing Taylor Swift songs every time I woke up this past week. I do not listen to her music so much that I can not get it out of my mind. I am not a stalker!

4. It was not my who watched The Cinderella Story not once, but twice this past weekend. It is not one of my most favorite movies and I do not watch it very time it comes on ABC Family!

5. It was not me who went to Sam's Club specifically to return the recalled peanut butter crackers that I had bought to forget them at home. I have a much better memory than that.

6. It was not me who specifically went to WalMart to buy light bulbs and a cable cord, only to buy everything but those 2 items. As I stated earlier, I have a much better memory than that!

7. It was not me who brought home my teacher editions every night this past week to leave them in the car and not plan one thing. I am a much better teacher and planner than that!

So there you have it...some of the things that I did not do this past week. So what didn't you do?!
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Until Next wasn't me...I swear!!


The Thompson's said...

Great Not Me post Stacey!!! I enjoyed all of them.

Davisix said... are cracking me up!!! I have to admit...I loved what you said about Jesus and school...remember, I'm struggling with sending them to school. That warmed my heart more than you know. :) xoxox Ang

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Wonderful list, you didn't do a thing this past week did you?? I have so went to walmart and walked and without what I went for and spent at least $100 in the process! Funny~

Stacy said...

My plans that I have to do for church on Wednesdays usually stay in my car until Tuesday. I always forget to get them out!

Debra said...


I love this meme! You gals always crack me up. I loved your stapling habits, my friend...good to know! lol

Happy Monday to you!

He And Me + 3 said...

I was wondering if you forgot the boys at school one day too? LOL are.

Stephanie said...

Gotta love those memories that run away!

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Yeah, my Steelers are heading that way too!! Uh-oh, we could have a little rivalry huh??

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Too funny my friend! I would never go to the store and leave with everything but what I went for. Nope not me. I never forget things!

Alicia said...

Oh, that's the worst when you forget the things at home that you need to return! LOL

Great list, Stacey!!

Jane Anne said...

It was not me who felt thankful for not having to return peanut butter or even think about it because of my son's peanut allergy. I mean, I have to look on the bright side, right?!
Great list- loved imaging that snowman on the bulletin board!

Lane said...

Nice not mes...I don't have to struggle a whole lot with the Jesus thing..mainly, since I teach US History...and it's one of the foremost reasons the US was settled, I have PLENTY Of 'wiggle room'.