Monday, January 12, 2009

This is what I DID NOT DO!

I can't believe that a week goes by so fast! Before you know it, I will be old and gray and I won't be able to remember any of the things that I didn't do in the previous week! Come on, It's bad enough I have to write stuff down now to remember and I am only 30 something!!
Oh well, such as life!! So today is Monday and this is the day where I can get really cheap therapy and bare it all to my bloggy friends in bloggy land without laughter!! ;)
(you had better not laugh!!)

So this is what I definitely DID NOT do this past week...

It was not me who wrote down my 'Not Me!' Mondays at school because I was sure to forget them and forgot them! (I mean the paper at school!) I have a much better memory than that!!

It was not me who was gagging when one of my students came into my room because he was wearing soooo much cologne that is smelled as though he had bathed in it. Com'on what kind of mother would allow her 5 year old to wear that stuff to school?! Seriously though, I did not have a headache by the time school got out 6 hours later!

It was not be who was up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning, the only morning where I am able to sleep in guilt free. I do not get up at 5:20 am every morning and think I wish it was Saturday so I could sleep just a few more minutes. I seriously can roll over and go back to sleep, kid willing!

It was not me who, when I woke up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday, began thinking of all the 'Not Me's' I could be writing down that very moment. I also did not begin thinking of all the things I could put on my 101 post! I really can just roll back over and MAKE myself fall back in to a deep sleep.

So, it definitely was not me who did get up out of bed and go to the computer and start to blog at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning BECAUSE, as I stated earlier, I CAN roll over and make myself fall back asleep!

It was not me who, while walking down the hallway at school, was not watching where I was going cuz I was not reading something that I just had gotten out of my mailbox, and ran smack dab into a pole! Nope, not me, I am constantly saying to my class "Watch out for the pole!" as we walk down the hall. Really I am much smarter than that!!
It was not me who spilled Catalina salad dressing on my camal color pants at school, not once, but twice! I do not sit at a table made for kindergarteners and I most definitely can feed myself with out dropping food everywhere. Oh yea, of course they are not dry clean only. What kind of kindergarten teacher wears dry clean only clothes...seriously I have way more sense than that!

It was not me who did not measure the ingredients to make rice krispie treats with the boys yesterday afternoon. It was not me that almost burned the butter cuz I thought "hey I can do this on the stovetop!" and it was not me who poured in an entire box of rice krispie cereal instead of just 4 cups. I can read and I can measure, but I obvioulsy cannot do both!

So I think that about covers it...well, all that I can remember anyways!!
For more fun with 'Not Me!' Mondays, be sure to check out MckMama!
So what didn't YOU do this week?
Until next wasn't me, I swear!!!


Named Alicia said...

Too funny my friend! I can totally not relate to getting dressing all over the pants. I am not the world's worst about getting food all over my clothes. I am totally not a messy eater!

Take care my friend!
I hope those kindergarteners are nice to you this week!

He And Me + 3 said...

It's usually Spaghetti for me...every stinkin time I make it I am sporting a white shirt & after making it I have a white polka dot shirt. I smart. Watch out for the pole...haven't you heard the new law? No reading and walking. Hello? Causes terrible accidents. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! I can relate to the dropping food on your clothes. I am named "oopsie" at my house! So sorry but had to laugh at you walking in to the pole, hopefully it didn't hurt too bad. Great list my friend.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

YOu and I so need to teach at the same school. We would send the school in a tizzy of pole hitting... I do {not} do the same thing! (I know the cologne thing, except in 4th grade, it is to attract the ladies)ter

Jane Anne said...

I have this great image of you running into the pole. I wish it wasn't so funny! :) The spills -that is me- I always wear some food on my clothes (most of the time it is from my food but sometimes I claim my little one got it on me!).

Anonymous said...

A 5 year old doused in cologne? Oh no!

Alicia said...

Cologne?? LOLOL!! I would have gotten a headache too!

Yum..rick krispy treats!!! I don't think you could mess up that recipe!!

Oh..and I like your new header!!!!!!!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

haha, love it! yum, rice krispy treats!

Lane said...

Well, speaking as someone who has burned cereal (Hey, no one told me the stove was hot when I placed my Golden Grahams on it) I think the Krispy Treats Snafu was very normal.

Can't wait for Top Chef to have a Krispy Treats quickfire.