Sunday, January 4, 2009


Seriously, is it Monday again? So this is where I can bare it all for super cheap therapy!!
Anyways, here is what I DID NOT do this week!

**I so did not laugh until I snorted when my hubby opened the sliding glass door and walked into the screen. Is he really that blind? He did not bend the screen and almost break it and it did not take me over 5 minutes to get control. I am a much better wife than that!!

**It was not me who was the tiniest bit jealous that my hubby got invited to the Fiesta Bowl tonight. Oh yes, Kelly and Lisa, that is right, Ryan is there and I am not and I am NOT jealous that he got to go to the biggest college bowl game of the year!! I am so much more understanding than that! (and I hope that he has the time of his life...not!)

**It was not me who has a count down going until the end of the school year already! Second semester has just started and I am really excited about all the teaching that I will be doing...because I am a much better teacher than that! Oh and for those of you who are wondering...there is not 90 teaching days left in the school year!

**It was not me who only slept in ONE day my ENTIRE Christmas vacation...Are ya kiddin' me?!

**I did not go to The Cheesecake Factory and spend a ridiculous amount of money for dinner. Who would do is not like I could take it with me and it would last a lifetime. It was dinner for goodness sake, not a coach purse!

**It was not me who got so excited that I taunted my children because I beat them playing the Wii. I did not score higher than them bowling and then totally make fun of them. What kind of mother would do that?

**I so did not post this on Sunday night because when I was checking out MckMama's blog noticed that she already had Mr. Linky up and I could be next at #21! What anal blogger would do that? But holy moly,to be in the top 25 of MckMama's 'Not Me!' Monday link, that is AWESOME!!

So that is what I definately did not do this past week! What didn't you do? For more fun with 'Not Me!' Monday, be sure to check out MckMama!
Until next wasn't me, I swear!!


DESJ and Company said...

OK I've SO taunted my kids at wii. Wait. I haven't. They beat me every time. But I sooooo would.
Great NMMs!

McDowell Family said...

Great post - I think every parent and teacher has the countdown going for the end of the year! And I am also guilty of a little trash talking to my kids when I beat them on the Wii (which isn't often!)

Lisa said...

WATCH OUT!!! Tickets to the Fiesta Bowl - oh, I am so not jealous either. Ok, maybe a little, ok, ok I will be honest - I am so freaking jealous!! I hope he has fun - GO BUCKS!!

Kelly said...

Well I am NOT jealous. ;) NO really I am not...I do not like crowds of people. :) My husband on the other hand, he is jealous. :)
He BETTER be rooting for our Buckeyes. Otherwise it is just WRONG!!! ;) Oh and IF he is rooting for TX, my give away gift to you is SO gonna be FULL of OSU stuff. he he he

You are a crazy lady for not sleeping in more. I can totally relate to counting down the days until school is out. And at laughing at opening the door, but not the screen. That is too funny.

Lisa said...

those were super cute
My mom and dad's dog walked through their screen and then turned around and looked me as if to say, "what just happened?"

He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh, Big Sexy...that is so hysterical. I am snorting over here. That is something that birds do, not humans for goodness sake. Did you have a screen mark on your forhead? LOL peeing myself.
Love ya though!

Alicia said...

Hahah about the comment on Cheesecake Factory! I think it's okay to splurge on a good meal once in a while!!!

Following Him said...

I was not so excited when I posted at number 14 this week...who would be so childish? ME! Love that you taunt your kiddos and are counting down!
Have a great first Monday of the new year!!!

Davisix said... are cracking me up!! Hope you've had a good week...I've missed you. I'll try to catch up. :) Ang

Anonymous said...

I would never have laughed uncontrollably at your husband's antics either. No way.

Anonymous said...

TO the Fiesta Bowl are you kidding me???? I just have to say Hook'em Horns!!!

Jane Anne said...

IF I could beat my kids on the Wii, I would taunt them, too!! Oh, I would be jealous about hubby going to the game. I would happy for him, but jealous at the same!

Elaine A. said...

That was so nice of you NOT to make fun of your kids on the Wii bowling! ; )

First visit to your blog via Not Me Monday! Nice to "meet" you!

Kelly said...

I need your email address. ;)
It was a CRAZY game. TX wanted it more!!! That is all. Hopefully we will come back strong in the fall. ;) Can I PLEASE send something OSU? will be cheap now. ;)