Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have some avid golfers, I mean AVID golfers in my family. Both sets of parents, my mom & dad and Ryan's mom & dad, golf all the time! Ryan has picked up the sport too, golfing every Thursday after football practice with some of the other coaches. So it was only natural that Brendan and Colin would show interest in this sport at some point! They have been asking for awhile now for Ryan to take them out, and he finally obliged this past weekend! They were THRILLED! They put their 'golf' shorts & shirts on and happily headed to the course with their daddy!

They might not have their driver's license, but in the past week they have sped around a go-kart track and now a golf course!
Brendan double checking his put! Just like a pro!

Practice swing!
Steady...breath...take it slow...head down...feet apart... Colin taking his swing

Putting...their most favorite part!
Nice follow through Brendan!

That a way Colin!

They had so much fun with their daddy! (and thanks to daddy for all of the great photos!)
They can't wait until their next tee time with daddy!


Alicia said...

Wow...they look like naturals out there!!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow you mean their dad documented that well? I am so surprised and you should be SO proud!!!!!! If I had sent a camera with my husband I would have been lucky if he came home with one picture and it would likely have been of the sky :)

E @ Scottsville said...

What a great 'father/son' thing for them all to do. =0)

Great photos of their swings and form, too! Looked like a fun and gorgeous day out there on the green.

Carin said...

Look at their form! Great shots! I was catching up on your posts from the long weekend. You all look like you have had SO much fun! You even mini-golfed, keeping the golf theme going =) Great 52 weeks pictures! Have a great day!

Jane Anne said...

The whole time I was looking at your pictures I was thinking, 'I wonder if her husband took the pictures?' Way to go, Dad! It looks like the boys had a blast.

Carol said...

Oh yeah, you definitely have a couple of golfers on your hands. They look so good out there. As I type, my son, Austin, is out on the golf course. He absolutely loves it!

Stacy said...

OK I don't know anything about golf but they looked great!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Well, they have great form and sure look good!

I am lousy at miniature golf so I can only imagine how bad I'd be at regular golf, lol! I'll just say no!

~ Nan

Under the Florida Sun said...

Oh my goodness. How cute is this!! I'm not a big golfing fan but these shots are adorable!!

He And Me + 3 said...

And what did you do young lady while the boys were out?
Great pics Ryan.
What a fun Father son outing.

Tim said...

And what great form they have! I have been playing golf with my dad since I was 4. I never miss the chance to play with him as I know that our founds are now numbered. I just hope hes around long enough to play some with both me and Will.

Thanks so much for your thought and prayers during my surgery Stacey, they mean so much. You are such a GREAT friend.

Send Our Love to the Family!

Love and Prayers,


Mocha Momma said...

I'm doing good today, thanks for thinking of me. My kids are gone with friends and hubby's at work so here I am blogging.

I loved your giraffe pix of your guys when they were little. I really got a kick out of your golf commentary with the golfing pictures.

Have a great evening,