Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Photo Tags

Since I didn't have anything fun and exciting to post today, I am tagging myself from MiMi's blog (since she never plays by the rules!) to post some picture tags! I thought it would be fun walking down memory lane looking for the required pictures! So here we go...
The first tag was to find a picture from 1 year ago today or as close as you could come to, and then explain!

And some explaining I have to do! I had an awesome point and shoot digital camera that my MIL gave me for Christmas the first year we moved to AZ. I loved it, but sadly it didn't have a long life! We moved to AZ in May of 2005 and I had my Minolta, which I love, but it is a 35mm camera; so for Christmas I received my Canon PowerShot. Loved it, and so did she, since now I could down load pics and send them via email for her to see! This is turning into a long long story short, we tried to move back to MI (which only lasted 9 months) and while there, my beloved camera broke. We did not have enough money to buy a new one, so back to the 35 mm camera. With that being said, I have a year and a half with only 35mm pics and no digital. It was hard I tell ya! My digital camera died Christmas 2006 and I didn't get a new one (my one that I have now, and LOVE) until September 2008.

Sorry for the interruption...back to the tag! Since I didn't have a digital camera a year ago I have posted 2 pictures, one before and one after the date. (did I just make up my own tag!?)
The before picture...Brendan and Colin in October 2006, while we were living in Michigan. This was taken right after one of Brendan's soccer games.
After picture...Brendan and Colin September 2008, living back in Arizona, right after their football game.
For Tag #2...go to your 6th picture folder and find your 6th picture and explain.
This is a picture of Brendan at his first T Ball skills class. In our city, you have to be 5 years old to participate in sports, but they offer skills classes for 4 year olds! This picture was taken in January 2005 when Brendan was 4.5 years. He was so excited to be "playing" sports. On the first day of class, it NEVER rains in AZ! So instead of cancelling the class they had it inside! Funny I know, but he still had fun! The entire family went to watch, including grandma & grandma!!

Brendan is the one in the M hat and navy sweatshirt! They were standing in a circle practicing 'fielding' the ball!

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane, I know I did!

If you would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!


He And Me + 3 said...

I love those pictures. I was like which one is Brendan and then I spotted the M on his hat. LOL
You were supposed to do 2007 silly, so yes you did create your own tag. :) You never follow the rules. You are a rule breaker just like me:)
I still love you!

Kristin said...

Fun pictures! Good for you creating your own tag :)

Lisa said...

I have been tagged but have not done one yet. I enjoyed your pictures and seeing how the boys have grown.

Alicia said...

I love how your boys are so athletic!!

And can you believe I have at least 10 rolls of 35mm film that I need to develop? I don't even remember what they are from!!

Stephanie said...

I love how you did your tag :)

Cool pics!!!! Fun to look back but then I start feeling old when I see how little my kids were :)