Tuesday, June 9, 2009

True Story Tuesday

I have seen this meme over at MiMi's blog and this week, I have a story that is JUST TO GOOD NOT TO SHARE!! First off, let me tell you that I am A.F.R.I.A.D. of bugs...big bugs, little bugs, mean bugs, nice bugs, ANY BUGS (except lady bugs that is!).
Well last Thursday we were getting ready to go to the city pool, or aquatic center, if you please, when I asked to boys to bring in some towels from outside. Since we have a pool in our backyard, we have hooks where we hang up wet towels, and that is just where they stay! SO anywho, they brought in the desired towels and plopped them on the counter.
I picked up a towel, shook it out and then proceeded to start folding it, when what did my wandering eyes see but.......

ARE YA KIDDIN'ME???!!!! If you are NOT familiar with this bug, IT IS A SCORPION!!!


(insert me screaming this at the top of my lungs here!)

I happened to be barefoot, so I threw the towel on top of it. WHAT! What was a towel going to do? I didn't know, hopefully crush it? Yea, right! (seriously I am shaking as I write this and it has been hours since the whole ordeal!) I turned on the lights to make sure that it stayed put as I called Ryan. Yep, Ryan was NOT home. He was golfing and I called him on his cell phone. (and if you don't golf, it is a cardinal rule, that you DO NOT answer calls on your phone while golfing)

You can imagine my delight that he indeed answered his phone and I began SCREAMING at him that a scorpion was in our house.


And please let it be known that Brendan and Colin were in the living room as their mother flipped out from having a scorpion in the house. (Colin was flipping out a little too! I lost patience with him and asked him to go into his room if he was gonna cry, cuz I just couldn't take any more anxiety!! Poor kid!)

So Ryan told me to handle it and I told him that I was handling it...by calling him and telling him to come home and kill it! I could hear the other coaches in the background yelling that he needed to be on the tee....so he said GOOD BYE. WHAT...I had to do this by myself. I couldn't do this by myself! What was a girl to do...kill it by herself...uuummm...NO....

...So I called my friend Kari...I know... I am a BIG FAT WIMP!! She was my bug, I mean LIFE saver! She was over in a matter of minutes to 1. make fun of me. and 2. kill the nasty thing! Then she proceeded to laugh at me when I told her that I needed to take a picture of it (for blogging reasons, of course!) before she gave it a proper burial, oh I mean flush it!

I can't tell how long this will traumatize me...I may have to go into counseling. I am now constantly looking for them EVERYWHERE and I still feel all eeby-jeeby!! YUCK!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Gotta true story to share? Link up with Rachel...cuz we all want to hear about it!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally feelin' for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would be totally freaking out too!!!!

How did your friend kill it???????????

Oh my gosh..I would die!!!!!!!!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...


I would have been totally freaking out too! We get them but they are only about an inch long. They scare me too. That thing is nasty looking!

What a good friend you have!

So I have to ask...
Did Ryan have a good laugh over it?

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I would have been screaming to the top of my lungs too!!!! Glad you had someone to come and rescue you from that nasty thing!!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh My Grossness! For real. I get so freaked out over creepy crawling things too. Maybe next week I will have to tell my jumping cricket spider thingy story. Yuck.

E @ Scottsville said...


I am laughing over here!!! Those are SUCH a regular occurrance IN OUR HOUSE and ON OUR FURNITURE! I mean don't get me wrong. I.HATE.THEM! but I kill them when I see them. I catch them in cups or with pliers or whatever, and then we put them into the disposal to CHOP EM UP!

I'm just laughing that a friend had to come kill it for you. ha ha ha

You'd never make it in Texas. Sorry! Glad it didn't getcha!

PS - did you see my SCORPION COUNTER on my blog yet? We're up to six FOUND ALIVE INDOORS just this summer.

Jane Anne said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Oh, my, that is too funny. So, did hubs give you hard time, too?? I would have been totally freaked out. My kids would have been ecstatic - a scorpion in the house- now that would seem really cool to them, probably.

Your post is priceless. I can hear the emotion and imagine your screaming. Wait! Maybe I heard your screams all the way out in Oregon!? I think I did. Yep, that's what that noise was. :)

Amanda said...

lol What is so abnormal about your reaction? Sounds about right to me! :)

I do not like bugs. And if I ever saw what you saw I think I would just faint.

God bless

Tina said...

You poor thing....I would have called someone also.

Funny story!

Stephanie said...

Oh I think you're just like me. I am horrified of bugs...if there's a spider in the bathroom I shut the door until my husband gets home so he can kill it!

I feel for ya!

And I hate the golf rule!!!! Do most of those men not have families and understand that when you have kids you have to have phones with you all the time :)

Kelly said...

I would have reacted the SAME way.
And Preston would have gotten an ear full for not coming home IMMEDIATELY!!!!
THANKS for sharing.

Foursons said...

Well of course you freaked. The sting left by those things is dumbfoundingly painful!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Husband are so helpful sometimes, lol!

My then-four year old locked us out of the house with his baby brother locked IN the house.

I went to the neighbors and told hubby to come home, but it was his first day at a new job so he told me to handle it.

I handled it by taking my neighbor up on his offer to break the glass, which is what I told hubby I was going to do. Hey, what choice did I have....have to get to my baby! (Serves hubby right, lol!).

Oh, and I would still be passed out on the floor. Spiders just slay me. WE don't have scorpians but I know I would freak.

Standing on the highest chair with you, my sweet friend!!!!!

~ Nan

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your sweet comments about Allie's birthday! I did make the cakes...her second party was right after Caleb was put in the hospital overnight so I was absolutely exhausted but we made it through anyway. :)

Mr. Daddy said...

You should of called Pam D. She would of sent bug hunter right over to catch the little bugger...

Did hubby have to make his own dinner for the next century or so??? LOL

Lisa said...

Yes I would scream if I saw one of those, I am gonna do a post on our slugs...the worst part about them is they are slimy.

Rachel said...

Can you hear me screaming from all the way over here? Those things don't live in the Pacific Northwest, right?!?!?!

I would have totally freaked. And see how well I've trained Mr. Daddy? He knows he would have had to cook for the next century if he'd have left me to handle a scorpion (of course, I'm not sure which would have been a worse death for him, a scorpion or my cooking...?)

Amazing story - thanks for linking up!

Lingars 2 said...

OH MY STARS!!!!!!! Girl~I am totally with you! I would've left the house! My palms started sweating reading your post! EWWWWW!!!! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the comment, it's always fun to make new bloggy friends! :) Have a blessed day!

Kristin said...

Oh wow - I would be traumatized as well...I am facing my own "bug issues" with our move to FL... there are so many, and so many different kinds! At least I haven't had to add scorpion to my list! There was a 5ft gator in the lake across from where we live the other day and the trappers caught him this morning so at least I can resume walking the dog...for now!

Leigh said...

I am right next door silly...I would have come and squished your bug...and laughed...