Friday, July 2, 2010

Letters of Intent


Dear Gramma & PaPa,
We can't WAIT to see you.
We can't WAIT to come and stay at your lake house.
We can't WAIT to ride on the boat.
We can't WAIT to go swimming.
We can't WAIT to play with all of our cousins.
We can't WAIT to go fishing.

And we can't WAIT to snuggle with you every night we are there.

We love you and can't WAIT!
See you soon!

We can't WAIT to see you either!
Thanks for making up your basement as the guest room.
(I'm sure we'll be comfy!!)
We are gonna have SO much fun!
See you soon!
p.s. thanks for putting up with us for an entire week!

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Stephanie said...

How fun - gotta love the lake!!!

And you get to spend an entire week with mimi and her clan - that's going to be a blast :)

Jules said...

How exciting. I wouldn't be able to WAIT either.

Great won one of the bonnets on my giveaway. Can you email me your address?

He & Me + 3 said...

Love that lake picture still. so great. WE can't wait to see you all either. FUn

-stephanie- said...

Ooooo how fun! Have a great time!

Robyn said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation!

Foursons said...

That lake shot is spectacular! Fun times at the grandparent's, can I go?

How are you and Mimi related? I'm sure I've been told, but I forgot. Can't wait to read the blog posts about y'alls adventures!

Thanks for linking up!

Jane Anne said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you with Mimi!

Amy said...

Lots of fun ahead! I am sure you will have tons to write about when you get back!

Bridget said...

Hoping that you all have a great time!

Lisa said...

Staying at MiMi's will be great fun for you Stacey and seeing your family too...have a great time.

Rachel said...

Oh no way... I am totally jealous now! That sounds like such fun!

Lisa said...

Thank you for following Time For You, I wish you luck, there will be many more contests so stayed tuned.

Mocha Momma said...

Sounds like you guys are having some fun with the grandfolks and Mimi & family.

Time at a lake!! Now to me that is the most awesome vacation. I love lakes and have fond memories of times we spent at a friends' cabin for several summers.

Have a lot of fun & come home safe.