Tuesday, January 19, 2010

football season has FINALLY ended...

I know, I know...football season ended A LONG TIME AGO, but it is NOW officially over as both teams, the Cobras and the Wildcats, have had their end of season banquets!!

Saturday December 5, 2009...the Cobras held their end of the season banquet at the head coach's house. It was a fun time of friends, football, food, & trophies!Colin receiving his trophy from Coach Steve
Brendan receiving his trophy from Coach Steve

The boys with their head coach...next year they move up from the Mighty Mites to the Jr. Pee Wees...that means play-offs and traveling!

Saturday January 16, 2010...WCHS held it's Varsity Football Banquet! The booster club decided to have it on the football field...thank goodness it was a nice afternoon! And since the AZ Cardinals were playing at 2:30 pm and it was a playoff game...this was the shortest, sweetest banquet I have ever been to!!

Here are some of the coaches wives whom I spend most of my Friday nights with during football season!
Robin, Dawn, Me, Deborah

Ryan & Hud getting started

All of the coaches handing out certificates and shaking hands

Good Friends
Ryan & Me and Dawn & Hud

And as many of you know...even though football season is officially over, it is not really over! Ryan has weights for his players Tuesday-Friday; they have a team lock-in this weekend; Ryan will be going to at least 2 coaching conventions this spring, plus spring ball and then summer conditioning and that brings us right back to football season!


Robyn said...

Looks like a great season was had by all.

Darcie said...

It's a wrap! Until next season that is. I am sure you are so thankful for those other wives.

He & Me + 3 said...

A coaches job is never done. Oh those long long seasons. great pictures. Love the one of all your girls. Pretty.

Jane Anne said...

Love that it was the shortest and sweetest banquet because of the Cardinal game! Fantastic pictures!