Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

...HHHHMMMMMM...where to start!

**I moved to Arizona to get out of the cold weather and this past weekend it has been cold and rainy...YUCK! I know I sound like a baby...especially to all of my friends & family in MI where they have had many snow days...but I am just sad and blue when the sun isn't shining here!

**We only have 57 days if school left...summer vacation can't come fast enough!

**The boys are in the midst of basketball season, are already signed up for baseball season and will soon be registered for football season...good grief...does it ever end??!

**I will be losing my better half for the weekend...where is he going you ask??? VEGAS...yep that's right...for whatever reason Nike thinks it appropriate to hold it's annual coaching convention there every February...at least this year it wasn't over Valentine's Day weekend!

**My oldest will be 10 in less than a month and for whatever reason I am having a really hard time with him turning double digits! I am also having a hard time coming to terms with me turning 37 this April...never have birthdays been hard for me...this year...not so much!

**I got my hair cut this past Sunday at Great Clips...just a trim really...and tonight I will be coloring it myself with the help of Nice & Easy...we are trying to save money any way possible so no fancy hair or nail salons for me!

**And last BUT certainly not least...I want to give a HUGE shout out to MiMi for making my blog look so awesome! She is the little leprechaun who made it look so green! I love it! Thanks Mimi!


Carol said...

Hey Stacey,

I like your "Random Tuesday Thoughts". I have a lot of those days so I could use a little posting myself today. I might continue my travel posts just so I can get all those pictures up, though.

I know the feeling of not wanting kids to grow up. My oldest will be 14 next month. Yikes! I can so see him with his curly brown locks reading books in his little toddler bed. I did a little math recently and realized that in 5 years I will have 5 teenagers and in 10 they will all be 18 and older. Now that's depressing.

Have a great day, Stace.

Stephanie said...

I love rainy days-I don't like having to go out in them so much but I could have a rainy week and be happy!

I am ready for spring though-not the allergies that come with it but for the warmer weather.

Love your hair-it looks great!

Jules said...

Your blog does look great.

37? You're just a baby....

Darcie said...

What a great friend you have in Mimi...or is it cousin too? Love the new look...blog and the cute hair trim.

I hope you don't miss your honey too much. About those birthdays..they can be hard even when they aren't ours, huh? I don't like my kids getting older anymore than I like getting older.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Love the hair cut. Very cute! And the new blog look. Don't worry about the birthday. It's just a number. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Now my son's birthdays are another story. Every year older means another year closer to when he moves out. And that I DON'T want to think about!

Take care my friend!
Hope you have a great week!

Bridget said...

Love the new blog look, and can't wait for the unveiling of the new hair color!

He & Me + 3 said...

Well good luck with the hair color and you are welcome for the makeover. I love surprising you. Hope the weather shapes up soon and that Ryan has a nice time in Vegas!

Alicia said...

I only like the rain when I could watch it from indoors! Driving in it is the worst because so many people are clueless on the road..lol.

Wow, 57 days only???? That is going to come up quick!

Love the new layout too! Great job, Mimi!