Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night Under the Lights

I sit here at 10:00 pm a little melancholy...I'm not gonna lie, it is gonna be a long season! We have a very very very young team...mostly sophomores, with only 7 seniors. They tried hard, and they gave it their all, but their all just wasn't good is the story...
...getting to the stadium after our dinner with another coach's wife & family! Gotta love KFC on game day! We had to be to the field no later than 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm kick off since the boys have special jobs this season! Here they are posing outside the stadium with another coach's kid!

And here are your 2009 WCHS Wildcats!

The boys taking their job very seriously...ball boys! They had a meeting with the referee before kick off. They were told their duties and how to do them! They had to stay with the referee at all times except during any kicking! They loved it and had so much fun! Brendan & Colin are in the navy shirts and the head coach's son, Bric, is the one in the gray shirt.

Ryan coaching from the sidelines and apparently not very happy with the call! The story of a coach's life!

During a time out

The Knights, our opponent, scored on their opening drive. That was kind of disheartening, but our boys game back a few drives later to run it in for a TD and tie it up...well it went down hill from there.

More coaching...the final score was 41-7.

After the games, win or lose, all of the coaches families go onto the field for a hug & kiss. The kids love it cuz they get to run around the field!
Not sure when I will see Ryan...he will be watching this game tonight and then watching film on the team they play next week. He has practice tomorrow morning where they will show film, do chalk talk and whatever they deem necessary! And then meetings on Sunday!
Story of a coach's wife's life!!

One last pose by the goal post.
The boys have their first game Sat at 10am!

Until next Friday...GO WCHS!


Stephanie said...

Phooey! Wish you guys had had a better night...I was thinking of you as we watched the news last night and they said that 4 games got postponed here because of the rain. I'm sure they will improve over the season and maybe they'll end up on a very positive note :)

Your boys look great out can tell they loved their jobs!

Stacy said...

Well maybe the next game will be better!

I bet the boys love running out on the field!

Good luck at their games!

kimert said...

So sorry about the rough night! Your boys looked like they were working hard.

We have cookouts for our linemen. My advice is buy a huge pork butt, smoke it and provide buns and bbq sauce. Make the guys provide sides that way you know what they bring will be eaten or taken home! This is what we do and it is a huge success! :)

Robyn said...

Sorry about the rough night, hopefully they have better luck next game!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh man that totally stinks. Model's team didn't fair so well today either. Bummer for all. I hope the boys game went well this morning. They are young and will improve, but the losing is hard. Here is hoping for more wins than losses. That is so cool that the boys got to be ball boys. Wow! What fun!

Debra said...

Oh Stacey,

I'm sorry for the loss...especially by a team called the Knights. Our consolation is that we aren't playing against each other, right?

My heart hurts though when I saw that picture of hubby upset with the refs call....boy do I know that feeling! But of course, not from a coaches perspective!! lol

You know I'll be rooting for you on Friday nights my friend! Love ya bunches!