Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Official...I'm A Widow!

It's true...I am a widow...a football widow that is! This is what has replaced me... This past Monday is when it all began...double sessions...that's right...practice twice a day. Can you imagine?! Especially in this AZ heat! Rest assured though, the boys are getting plenty of H2O breaks!Sadly enough I have come to love this little piece of brown pigskin...I mean really...for the next 15 weeks it is all that I, oops, I mean...we will be dreaming about! see, because it has begun...Ryan will have practice and/or meetings every day from now until the end of the season...whenever that may be. One never knows how long the season will last. Sure we have a schedule that has 11 games on it, but this schedule does not take into account the if, Oh I mean WHEN, the Wildcats make the playoffs, then that means the football season just got longer! Lucky me, I know...don't be jealous!
Last week I was able to slip away for a few minutes and take some pictures of Ryan's practice from afar, because heaven forbid a disturbance on the field during practice!

I love football season...I really do! I may mock it and sound ill mannered about it at times, but deep down in my ♥heart♥, I am sure I was born to be a coach's wife! I love to watch Ryan coach the kids, whether it be our boys or his team! I have come to learn a lot about football during our years together as well, some things interesting, some things not so interesting!!

And NOT only have a become a football widow this week, I have also become a football mom! Double duty to say the least!

The boys started practice this past Monday night and had it every night for a little over 2 hours. They will continue to have nightly practices all next week, then it will drop to 3x's a week for 2 weeks and then go to their normal practice schedule of 2x's per week...until their season is over!

Here are the boys at one of their first practices with their team. Coach Steve, the head coach, is the one in the orange & white visor. They are on the same team as last year, the Cobras, which are Mighty Mites for Pop Warner football in our area.

The Cobras' team motto for this year is...
'One Team, One Dream
One Way...Together.'
And their colors are blue & orange.

Brendan will be wearing #80 this season, which he is having mixed feelings about! Last year he was #75 and was a defensive end. With his # being 80 this year, he will more than likely be playing tight end or wide receiver. He is excited, but nervous!
(you see in football, whichever # you wear determines what position you will play.)

Colin will once again be wearing #60 which means he will be playing on the line, either left or right tackle. I am very anxious for Colin this year. You see, he is husky for his age and with Pop Warner there is a weight limit for levels; Colin is at the very tippy tippy top of his weight level and there is a possibility that he won't be able to play unless he loses weight...what we are calling, football weight. He is by no means fat, he is just solid, but with that being said, we have put him on a very strict football diet. I hate doing this to him, but he understands and he wants to play football. He is being monitored by us, his coaches and a good friend who is a personal trainer, but will you please pray for him (& for me!)? I feel so guilty about doing this, but it is what he wants! At the beginning of the week he weighed 99.5 lbs and as of yesterday he was down to 94 lbs, but he needs to be at 90 lbs by next Saturday for official certification and weigh in with his team. If he doesn't make weight, we will not be able to play in his first game. We are confident that he can do it and I can't wait to see him make his first tackle of the season!

So...there you have it, straight from the widow's mouth and ♥heart♥!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE football season and can't wait for their games! I am so proud of my players and coach!

Ryan's games will be every Friday night starting August 28 and the boys' will have games every Saturday beginning August 29. And if you are worried that you won't have a chance to cheer them on in person, rest assured that you will cheer with me here at my blog!

Here's to a GREAT season!

I wanted to incorporate Pam's fun meme into my Saturday post, but I am not sure that there will ever be a year that football isn't part of our fall!! What I will miss is when I am not needed as a much as I am now. I will always love watching the boys, all 3 of them, on the field! And as I have said in the past, I will always be their biggest cheerleader if nothing else!!

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He & Me + 3 said...

I am praying that my boy makes weigh in. He can do it! Great pictures of Ryan with his team. very neat to see him in action. It does look hot. But they make it look so easy. Call me during the practices. You know I will be home:)

Alicia said...

Awww! That was a sweet post!! I can totally tell you LOVE football!!!

And wow, I wish I could lose 5lbs that easily!!! LOL!!

Stephanie said...

I'll be honest when you started talking about positions it all went right over my head :) I know how you feel about being married to a coach it everyday here...we had a whole 3 weeks off and we start back to baseball on tuesday. What a break,huh?

I hope everything goes well with Colin. Things like that worry me when there are kids that young having to weigh on a daily basis just to make sure they meet the mark. My cousin used to wrestle and I used to think it was the craziest thing. I know you're an awesome mom though so I know he'll be doing it the healthy way. :)

Great pics..!!!!! You did an awesome job! and I love the boys t shirts!

Following HIM said...

Stud will so make the weight limit. My brother is solid too and so I totally get "it." Man...great picts, even from afar. Can't believe football is among us :)

Kelly said...

Scared me there for a minute!! Such a great post!! Good luck you widow , you!!

Pam said...

i join you in your LOVE of football!! especially when it includes these boys we love so much!! mine are just walking out the door for a scrimage game that starts at 5 tonight!! i am very excited for them! so is ryan a head coach? my boys are #81 & #22! great post!!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Phew. Girl you had me worried. That's always the bad part of reading these things in Google Reader.. I don't know what your talking about till I click on your name.. LOL.

What a cute blog post!!

christy rose said...

Awww! Football season has started already! I can see you and your family's love for it in this post. This is how we feel about baseball. These pictures were so good! I hope you have a blast as the cheerleader this season Stacey! Enjoy every game! Because you are right some day you will miss it!

Garrett Family said...

I don't know how you do it - with 3 doing football - I feel overwhelmed somedays with 1 husband doing football. I do look forward to our girls playing sports too and watching them though. You never know my girls are so big they may be on the football field too! :)

Jules said...

Our son used to play Pop Warner then into High School football. I really miss watching him. It is one sport that I truly enjoy watching. Now I miss it. (yes, I did get a blog makeover, I love it)

E @ Scottsville said...

We're right there with ya. Football practice began last Monday for Mathew and now his life revolves around that. So far, he's only had practice ONCE a day though, so I'm glad of that. =0)

Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one, thanks for splashing around with me on my blog. Yes, we are moving to AZ, specifically the Phoenix/Tempe area. I too taught school in AZ many years ago, 1, 2, and 3rd! Where do you teach Kinder?

Blessings for your day,
Sarah Dawn

~*Michelle*~ said...

I can sense the joy and pride you have in this post.....awesome! My best friend has a few of her boys in football and two of her daughters are cheering so she just decided to be a team mom as she knew she would have a schedule like you have. Guess it's the "if you can't beat 'em......join 'em" mindset! LOL

Sneaky Momma said...

Sounds like you're about to be busy, busy!!!