Friday, August 14, 2009

A Week's Worth of Randomness...

...I am still here...although mostly physically, but not mentally or emotionally so much!!

...I have been at football practice every night for the last 2 weeks in the 100*+ sitting...Brendan & Colin...practicing. AND still have ONE more week to go (they changed it) of 5x's per week....*sigh*...

...I would post pictures, but I am at work (sshhhhhh!!! don't tell!) and all my pictures are on my home computer, so NO pictures!

...I am so very tired! *sigh again*

...School started this past Monday and it went well.

...I started out with 21 students and am now at 19! Remember me saying a little something about #19 in this
post...well....his mom decided she didn't like me, *GASP*, I know right, and had him moved to the room next door! Oh well, better her than me!!!

...I have become very inpatient with Brendan & Colin lately...they are driving me BANANAS!!

...I am helping them with their football fundraisers, which I am not so happy about, during the first 2 weeks of school! *BLAH* They are taking donations for a jog-a-thon, and we are selling cookie dough. Anyone wanna buy some??!!!

...I am so thankful for all of my faithful bloggy friends this past week! I have been a terrible bloggy friend and have hardly been around blogland, but I promise promise promise to catch up this weekend.

...As many of you know, I have been working with Colin to get to his 'football weight'. Last night on the coach's scale he was
.....90 lbs...!!!! Hopefully that is what he will weigh Saturday morning at the official weigh in! Keep praying!

...and last but certainly not least, my good friend Jane Anne over at Gravity of Motion just posted her 100th Thursday Thanks Tanks yesterday and she is having a super fun giveaway of 10 things that she is thankful for! Go check her out...I love her blog and she is such a super sweet gal. When you go, make sure you tell her that McCrakensx4 sent ya!!


Following HIM said...

YAHOO for 90 pounds! I died laughing about #19 being moved out of your class...not liking you...what the heck? Oh well.

I just re-read the first day post and saw that hubby is teaching FIVE english sections and football. God Bless him. Super amazed at this one!!!

Can't wait to hear more ramblings and yes I am at work {shhh}!

E @ Scottsville said...

You're not the only one who's been unfaithful in bloggy land. It's been HARD for me to find the time to get around to all my favorite blogs. I feel bad,too! But I think everyone else is in the same boat and we're all feeling the "end of summer" rat race!

Take care and we'll see you around.


Stephanie said...

I just don't understand how someone couldn't like you!!!! What's wrong with that woman?!?

Glad Colin reached his goal...hope everything goes well for him on Saturday morning!

Darcie said...

Yeah for your guy!

Thanks goodness the weekend is headed your way soon! Hope you have find just a little "you" time.

christy rose said...

Like Erica said, the end of the summer is a rat race to tie up all the lose ends for a new beginning. We all understand. the weekend is here now! Enjoy it!

He & Me + 3 said...

Yea for #19! Good for you. Yea for Colin too. Drink all that water boy and stay lean. I am praying. Sorry about the fundraising...I hate those. Ugh.

Tim said...

Good luck with Football in those crazy temps! We have the same thing here.

Love and Prayers,


Stacy said...

Sorry to hear you lost #19 ;)

I bet you are tired I know I am.

And I have been a horrible blogging buddy too:)

Hopefully things will slow down for both of us soon.

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