Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane...Join Me, Won't You?!

Join me this week as I take a stroll down memory lane...these pictures were taken exactly 3 years ago today in August of 2006. With the football season upon us, I just couldn't resist! Look at how little they were...Brendan was 6 and Colin was 5.

We went to the inter squad scrimmage at the University of Michigan stadium. This was the summer that we moved back home to Michigan. Let's back track for a moment...we moved to Arizona in the summer of 2004 and in the summer of 2006 we decided to put our house on the market and move back to Michigan. God had other plans...the house didn't sell and we were back in Arizona by the next summer!

Here are Brendan & Colin running around the field pretending to take it in for a touchdown!

What you may not know is that the boys' Papa used to coach for Michigan so when we did live there we had pretty nice access to the games!! The boys loved going to the games, as did Ryan and I!

They had so much fun that day playing in the Big House with their Papa. They don't remember much about it, but I do and it was so much fun so be on the field 'playing football' and now they actually are playing football!! A few years ago for Halloween Brendan was a Michigan football player and Colin was a Michigan all time favorite costumes!!

Our house will always bleed Maize & Blue!

Thanks for strolling with me...for more walks down memory lane be sure to visit Erica!


Alicia said...

Oh how cool about your FIL!! Wow!! No wonder your have football fanatics at home!! LOL

Stacy said...

Wow I bet that made papa very!!

I guess football is in y'alls blood:)

-stephanie- said...

Looking forward to seeing them in the pros some year. They grow up so fast.

He & Me + 3 said...

Those pictures are priceless. Look at how little they were and I still thought they were big compared to my girls. LOL
Love that last one with Lloyd. Go BLUE!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how cute! No wonder you guys like football so much ;)

Hope you're having a great week at school my friend!

E @ Scottsville said...

Isn't it just amazing how much they change in just a few short years????

Thanks for going on my walk with me today!!! It's always more fun when I'm joined by friends. =0)

Jane Anne said...

What sweet memories! Love the pictures, too. It's fun to think back. I was just reading a book - Remember Me- where a girl get's amnesia and cannot remember anything from the last 3 years. It's hard to imagine waking up and thinking it's 3 years ago. Time sure flies! Things sure change!

Enjoyed your walk down memory lane!

Stephanie said...

Wow....such little boys...I love looking back when my kids were younger! Those are adorable!

Goose Hill Farm said...


What great pictures and awesome memories your sons will have of their Papa!


Darcie said...

It's amazing how much they grow in 3 short years!

christy rose said...

Wow! They look so much younger. It is amazing how much kids grow in 3 years.

Mocha Momma said...

That was a neat time in your life. Good you have pictures to help the boys remember the moments even though they don't really remember them.

You told me that you did chew ice and that you were anemic. Isn't that a strange thing that it went away after your hysterectomy.

I was an anemic child and I chewed ice until my teeth didn't like it anymore sometime in my 20's.

I haven't been diagnosed with anemia ever again after I was a little girl. Funny thing...

more later,

Tim said...

That is AWESOME! What a great expereince for any boy at any age! I would have loved that when I was younger.

Love and Prayers,


Carrie said...

That is awesome! Dan's family also had ties to college football...his mom's cousin's husband was Terry Hoeppner, former IU coach..but he sadly passed away a couple of years ago to brain cancer. WE really enjoyed going to the football games and miss him. Those are great pictures and great memories!