Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Michigan in a Post...

As I stated in my Colorado post...I am using my blog as my scrapbook and with that being the case, I decided to put our entire Michigan vacation into one post...please bear with me, it is long, but their are lots of pictures and very little words and I wanted to get it in before it was forgotten!

The boys and I (Ryan stayed home for football) left for Michigan, where we used to live, on Thursday August 9 to spend 9 nine days with family and friends. We arrived at the airport only to find that our flight had been delayed 2 hours. The boys were troopers though, watching movies on our DVD player and playing with things from their backpacks, while waiting until we boarded!
So 4 hours later, we were finally on our way!
Once there, we were picked up by my parents (who are snow birds which means they spend 6 months (summer) in MI and 6 months (winter) in AZ) and we headed to dinner.

With the time change (3 hrs), we were finally able to fall asleep and on Friday we headed to see Nannie before lunch. Nannie is 89 years old, but doesn't really remember us because of her Alzheimer's. She had lots of smiles for the boys though!

After hanging out with Nannie for a little while, he headed to Culver's for lunch with my cousin Trish and her kids!
And after lunch, we then headed back to her house so the kids could play and we could talk!

Friday night I was fortunate enough to meet up with MiMi and Tarah for fun & food! I had a great girls night out while the boys hung out with Grandma & Grandpa!
We woke up on Saturday and headed to my in-laws! Ryan's Grandma came over for dinner and then after dinner we headed to Gramma & Papa's (Ryan's parents) lake house for the rest of the weekend!We weren't there 5 minutes and the boys were down on the dock with Papa just chilaxin'!

And not long after that, the fishing poles were brought out and Papa was teaching Brendan & Colin how to fish!!And wouldn't ya know it...Brendan caught a fish!

Way to go Bren!

On Sunday we got up, took a boat ride around the lake and then anxiously awaited for the arrival of the cousins! Ryan's mom set up a one stop visit with 3 of Ryan's 5 siblings! The last time we saw the cousins was Christmas of 2007.

So when all of those cousins get together, what do you do at the lake house..well go swimming in the lake, of course!!!
After a little swim, we headed back to the house for some lunch!and then another boat ride!
Being at the lake house was so much fun and so very relaxing! We had the best time and wish we could have spent more time there!

We came back to my parent's house on Monday and that night, my mom did a one stop visit with my aunt and cousins! Lots of fun, I say! Last time we spent time with them was over 2 years ago!
On Tuesday morning we got up and went out for breakfast with my parents and then my mom took us to MiMi's house for the remainder of our time in Michigan.

We made one quick stop though, before getting to MiMi's house and that was stopping by the house where we used to live. Man is it small!!! I was kinda sad thoug... it is so overgrown. I used to have all kinds of blooming plants and flowers planted in the front and hanging baskets from the porch. I found out from a neighbor that it is now a renter house. This was Ryan and my first house where we lived from September 1997-July 2004.So after our ride down memory lane, we finally got to MiMi's! We sat and talked for awhile and then headed out to do some shopping! And this is when I talked her into stopping by one of our favorite ice cream joints!That night after dinner, we left the kids with Agent and went to get pedicures! It was fun to be kidless and just talk and be pampered, at least for a little while! This was my birthday present to MiMi for her birthday!
All 3 nights, the kids would get their Pjs on and watch movies while munching on popcorn! So much fun...like they have not even been apart! Once upon a time... MiMi and I met at Gymboree where we took Brendan & Actress for weekly classes. We met when they were about 9 months old or so and have been friends ever since...through it all...kids, jobs, moving...She is one of my bestest friends!

On Wednesday, we got up and headed to the zoo. My boys have been asking to go to the zoo, but when you live in Arizona, the zoo is a winter time activity! We had lots of fun!

Wednesday night, MiMi & Agent went to buy a new laptop and left me at the spa! I felt so glamorous!
Thursday we headed to the park for pictures, play and a picnic!
After the park, we headed to the pool!
After a sun-fun filled day at the park and pool, we headed back to the house for pizza and packing! Sadly we were leaving the next day and we needed to get ready! Agent was dropping us off at 7 am for our 9am flight!

Waiting to board!

Once on the plane, we waited and waited and waited. It was raining, heavily, so all the take-offs were sitting on the runway waiting to do just that...take-off!

40 minutes later and we were finally in the air and on our way home!
These are the planes waiting to take-off behind us!

So thanks for hanging in there with me! We had such a good time and I can't wait to go back next summer! Ryan's other grandma will be turning 100 so we will be going back for a HUGE family reunion and I have already told him that I would like to stay for at least 3 weeks!


Stacy said...

You had a great vacation getting to visit everyone! I loved reading about it:)

Wibeche og Rune said...

Looks like you have a great vacation:)

Great pictures.


He & Me + 3 said...

That was a great vacation for sure. Loved hearing the readers digest version with pictures...How dare you post that picture of me in the pool. Paybacks will be sweet my friend. you better go crop me out. Ugh. Hope we have as much fun next year.

christy rose said...

Super pictures! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!
100 years old? That is wonderful!
I had a great grandpa who made it to 100 too. We had a big reunion too! It was a lot of fun. I was really young. I think 7 or 8 and I still remember it.

Alicia said...

Stacey...I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading everything you did!! Wow...you really planned your vacation well!!!!!!!!! You got to do so many things, and see so many people!!!

Jules said...

wow, I am exhausted!

Stephanie said...

Great way to document it! Love the pics!!!!

Mocha Momma said...

I loved every minute of your vacation.

See you later.

chili pepper said...

Wow these are some great memories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vacation, visiting family and making new friends.

I am going to tag you over at my blog...so make sure you stop by and check it out!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

You betta not close your eyes when you sleep...Mimi is gonna be mad about that pic!!! LOL.