Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Have You Been Up To?

•Let's ask so kindly...well football mostly, but you know that! But last week was the last week of 5 days/week practice..thankyouverymuch!!

•This week we only have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday..well for the boys anyways! Ryan still has practice everyday until forever!

•Why is it that I have to pull them (the boys that is) outta bed by their toe nails every school morning, but on mornings when they can actually sleep in, they are up at the buttcrackofdawn?! I just don't get it!

•Last Thursday, Ryan had a scrimmage and I was so very sad that I could not be there...I was at the boys' scrimmage instead. Funny how that works...2 places to be same time, different fields! Unfortunately both teams did not fare too well...hopefully their regular seasons will go much better!

•I read an entire book this weekend...The Time Traveler's Wife. I think I liked I did like, I am just not sure I liked the ending! Now I really want to see the movie!

•Last night we went to a birthday party for a 4 yr old little this family...couldn't wait to get outta there...imagine...7 little girls just running around screaming at the top of their was fun for about 2 hrs and then we left!

•Colin is doing great on his football diet!! In fact this morning we had to 'cinch' a pair of jean shorts that were too tight for him before...he was so excited!

•Ryan is also on this diet and has lost 30 lbs! I am so proud of him! Way to go honey!

•Friday is Ryan's first regular season game...against the #2 team in the state...keeping our fingers crossed! (and our toes too!)

•And speaking of toes...I painted mine sparkly blue with silver polk-a-dots! Go WCHS!

•I lost another student this week...sigh...becuase she moved. Made me sad...she was a good girl and one of my few that means I am now down to 18 students with 11 being boys...oy vey!

•This past Friday the boys got their game jerseys...they are very cool and they are very excited...last names on the back and everything!

So that is what I have been up too...what about you?! ☺


He & Me + 3 said...

Busy busy. Cute toes and "weigh" to go Ryan and Colin. So proud of you Colin Boy!

Alicia said...

Love the toenails!!

Oh...and can you share what kind of diet your hubby is doing???

Stacy said...

Congrats to Ryan!!!

Girl, I thought I stayed

I'll let you know what I've been up to later today;)

E @ Scottsville said...

Looks like you've been up to what I've been up to with football. =0)

AND I even painted my toenails bluegreen this weekend, too. No polka dots here though. =0)

Have a great Monday!

kimert said...

The toenails are cute!! I might do orange and navy if I had it in me to go buy navy polish! lol

Eyeglasses & Endzones said... schedule looks exactly like yours + hockey! Oy Vey is right! Love your tootsies tho!

Stephanie said...

Glad the boys are slowing down a big :) I know that must be nice to have alittle break.

My boys are the same way...they never wanna get up for school but on Saturday morning they were up at 8. What's the deal with that?

Jane Anne said...

So many things in one post! 11 boys - oy ve is right!
Your toes are precious. I cannot make mine look that cute.
I love that last football picture of the boys!

Mocha Momma said...

Great days are ahead! I like those uniforms.

Great job your guys are doing loosing weight. My goodness, I'm happy for them.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

Have a great year, teacher.