Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is the Day!!!

The first day of school that is!!!

It is finally here, after a very short summer! (or what seemed to be a short summer!) We had a great summer...went on 2 vacations, went swimming, LOTS, watched TV, went to the movies, slept in, played much to do...but that was then and now is school!!!

Brendan is 9 years old and now in the 4th grade...Oh my...wasn't he just in kindergarten?! Yesterday he was quite anxious and nervous; like his mom, he is not big on change! He is excited about his teacher, Mrs. G, who I requested for him at the end of last year. And on top of him growing up wwwwaaaayyyy too fast, this will be the last year on the first floor (next year, he moves upstairs), BUT we are NOT going to think of that this year. For now, I will ask Jesus to be with him, give him a kiss and leave him in good hands!

Colin is 8 years old and now in the 3rd grade! He is just getting to big for his own good! Unlike his brother...he loves change and cannot wait to get started! He will have the same teacher that Brendan, Ms. L, had last year, who I requested, and is so excited about that (as am I!). So just as Brendan, I will put Colin in the hands of Jesus, give him a smooch, and send him on his way! (I may have a tear or 2 as well, but not for them to see!)

So bright and early, the lunches were packed, the clothes were put on and now we are on our way! I too, have a first day of school. I will have a new class of 20 kindergarteners starting today as well. Friday was our Meet the Teacher night and I was able to meet 19 of my 20 students! I was happy to meet 18 of them...I'll get back to you on #19!! (is that bad?!)

On top of it being our first day of school, for Ryan too, who is teaching 5 sections of Freshman English, we still have football practice tonight! This week is the continuation of our heck week, practice every night for about 2 and a half hours! So from school we head right to the football field. So please forgive me if I am not quick to comment on your posts this week, I promise I will get caught up as quickly as I can! What I really need is an air card so I can read while at the football field!
So here's to a great first day of school!


kimert said...

I hope you all have a great first day of school!!!

Stacy said...

Hope everyone has a great first day!!

We are too excited and anxious about starting on Wednesday!

Lisa said...

Have a great day at school!!

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I am so not ready for the first day of school! We don't start until Sept 1st (with an open house on Aug 31st). I'm gonna do my best to enjoy these next couple of weeks.

Great pictures! You boys are so handsome.

One more thing- good luck with #19!

christy rose said...

Awww! Hope they have a great 1st day of school!

4 Lettre Words said...

First day here, too!

Great captures!

Stephanie said...

Oh wouldn't that be neat if you could blog from the field...that would be so nice!

I can't believe you guys are starting already...of course we start next Wednesday. What is it with kids moving upstairs. I just asked Lucas if 3rd grade was up or downstairs at his school and he said up....everyone has mentioned that their kids are moving upstairs and it's such a huge move. Do the kids make a big deal out of that? I'm so out of the loop apparently. I'm more worried about Jacob starting kindergarten...such a little boy going into such a huge school! Gives me jitters!

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying that everyone has a great first day. Yikes! I know that the boys will do great. Good luck with your class and with #19! Hey that's agents favorite number:)

Kelly said...

I am in so much denial that school is almost here! We don't start for two more weeks, but it is so painful to think about. Goodbye summer! :o(

Darcie said...

Hard to believe it's that time of year again, huh? Neat, to find out you teach...always a dream of mine.

Here's to a good school year for you all!!!

Alicia said...

I want to hear about #19!! LOL!!!

What an exciting day for all of you! That's great that you're able to request their teachers!

chili pepper said...


I am so glad we home school...I am not ready to part with summer yet! Wishing you all well as you get back to the routine.


Under the Florida Sun said...

What a great post. Loved the pictures of the kids.. even the big one.. LOL

Kristin said...

How is it that summer, just like most vacations goes by so fast? Didn't they just get out of school? :)

Sneaky Momma said...

How is school going??? Has student #19 settled down yet?
I'll never forget my first 'meet the teacher'. Two students stuck out in my mind. There was an unbelievably hyper girl who practically tore my room up that night, as well as a well-behaved, yes m'aam, little boy. The little girl ended up being sweet as could be, while the boy was an absolute terror!
Hope your little darlin's are all angels. :)