Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Story Tuesday

So I am sure that you are getting tired of football already, BUT it is my life and it is all that I know, at least at the moment...so I write what I know!!! I mentioned this the other day, but it is something that I am very anxious about and I am hoping that if I write about it and ask for prayer that I will feel better.
And as most of you know, both boys play tackle football for Pop Warner. This is their 2nd year playing for the team that they are on...Mighty Mites, The Cobras.
Well not only is it a league based on age, but it is also based on weight. Brendan has no problem in this area AT ALL...Colin on the other hand is built just like Ryan...solid as a rock.
He is by no means fat...he is mostly muscle.
Well a week ago, he weighed 99.5 lbs and yesterday after practice he was at 95 lbs. Now unfortunately the certification scale weighs heavy by a pound, which means he needs to weigh 89 lbs on my scale to be at 90 lbs at certification.

Certification is where the boys gets down to their undies and stand on the scale, and if they weigh more than 90.9 lbs, then they cannot play.
Now mind you...this was Colin's idea. I am not making him do this...it is his choice. But I, as the mother, just has to say that... I HATE THIS. I hate that I have to say NO to a hungry child. I hate that he is getting frustrated. I hate that I cry when he walks away and I won't give him food. I HATE IT...but I LOVE that HE wants to do this and with my help...he will!
I just have to tell you what kind of ♥heart♥ this kid has. He is working so hard to eat the 'right' foods and workout as much as he can. Sunday he worked out with one of the coaches for about 2 hours and every night after practice he comes home and swims at least 10 laps plus he does high knees in the water...which is not easy!

He is doing great, although there are times when he is frustrated and ready to quit, BUT he doesn't...he just drinks his water and moves on!

Please pray with me that God's will is done in Colin and his heart. I have faith in Colin and I hope that all of his hard work pays off...I am so proud of this kid!!
I wish I had his will power!

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Stephanie said...

Oh my everytime I read about him going through this it just breaks my heart that he's even having to do it. I wish he had walked in and was already at the right weight so he didn't have to worry about making that cut...I can't imagine how much that is weighing on his mind right now. I'm just glad that he has you and his dad...it must be awesome for him to know that he has such great support! Praying he makes the cut and all his hard work pays off!

Darcie said...

Your story touched me so much. What an amazing kid he is...working so hard...shows his character! Appreciated how you said to pray that "Gods" will is done...praying for that!

Tell him to keep up the good work!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like my boy is very determined. I am so glad that he is seeing something he wants and working hard to get it. Builds great character. What a trooper. He will totally make it.
Hugs to him!

Christie said...

bless his heart! and yours too, that has got to be tough!

Emily said...

Wow. What a motivated and determined young man. I hope it works out for him and that he hangs in there! I have no will power to deprive myself of food! ;)

Michelle said...

Your stories touch my heart! I will be praying for him. I think that it is ridiculous that they put these standards on these kids at such a young age... just let them play! But it is like that in every sport, but it still kills me! Way to go Colin and MOM!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What determination he has! WOW!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jane Anne said...

I just said a prayer for him- and for you. I can only imagine how hard it is on his Momma's heart. You are doing a fantastic job supporting him.

Alicia said...

Oh wow..that boy has heart!!!!!!!!!!

I will be praying for your lil' guy!!!!!

Foursons said...

He must love football with a passion. I'm sure he'll drop a few pounds and be OK. Good for him for working so hard!

christy rose said...

You should be proud of him. We all know it is not easy to not eat when we are hungry, or not for that matter. He must be determined. That certainly does build character. Hope is works out for him. I like that you said you are praying God's will is done! I will agree with you on that! please keep us posted,

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwww, now that is DETERMINATION!

Good for him! But I'm sure it's gotta be so hard on both of you.

Tranquility said...

What a dedicated kid!!

Rachel said...

Okay - that was HEARTBREAKING to read.

I dated someone in high school that struggled with anorexia due to needing to make weight. And he was a guy. On a state wrestling team.

It is so hard to try to meet these standards that really aren't standards for every body type.

Amazed by your son's dedication and really glad that you are careful and sensitive to his desire to sacrifice for it.

Glad you posted about it - you've got lots of bloggy support :)

Mocha Momma said...

What a dedicated young man. I can't believe he is so committed at such a young age. That would be hard to help him do that, but it certainly seems like he is determined.

Hang in there mom.

Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers all last week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Mom is doing quite well.

take care,