Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365

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A Picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!
I hope you have as much fun seeing a peek into my week as I am posting about it!

Celebrating Brendan's birthday with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jun & Kennedy at Red Robin...YUM!


I went to my mailbox to find this...I heart my mailman...but I heart my bloggy friends more! A few weeks ago I won this fun assortment of things from Leslie over at Peachy Keen when she was the hostess with the mostess of a Free 4 All Friday! Thanks Leslie...I am totally loving the sparkly headbands!!

Tuesday~074/365 The boys needed new the boys got new shoes!


Brendan's tough boy faux hawk!


Please don't ask me to do anything for you in month is pretty much full!


Flag football season has started in our District...and if there is football...there's got to be cheerleaders...right?!


Saturday night me and the boys went to the Coyotes hockey game with my friend Crystal. Thanks Crystal...we had a BLAST...but more about that on Thursday!

This is what Sara says on her blog about Project 365...
"I am attempting to take one photograph each day of this next year. My hope is to be able to slow down and see the small things, become a better photographer and to be reminded of the many blessings God sends my way!"

Well said Sara...thanks for letting me tag along!
Join in with Sara...
It's not to late to join the fun!


Alicia said...

Love Red Robin, and love the mohawk!! Very cool!

Bridget said...

Never heard of Red Robin, but I think I love it :D

Cute pics (lovin' the faux hawk!)

The Bug said...

Red Robin is one of my very favorite places (Santa Fe burger & banana milkshake - yum!).

Jane Anne said...

A picture every day? Wow.

I love the pictures! It's super fun to see what you are up to. (The faux hawk made me smile big.)

Will you vote for my cousin?

Tori said...

Yum for Red Robin is right! Love the faux hawk but his facial expression is even better!
I am sorry your calendar is so full but I LOVE that you color do I!!
Have a super week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures. Love the one of the shoes. I am really liking those gray and orange ones. Love me some orange.

RaD said...

Hey I got a blog giveaway prize in the mail last week too! My son is begging for me to cut his hair in a mowhawk again. That's the reason for the long shaggy hair because he hates to get it cut.

Love your pictures this week, very creative. Has me thinkin' about what else I could be photographin'.

Jules said...

Now that's a busy month! Yikes

Bits-n-Pieces said...

I've never eaten at a Red Robin. None of those around here, altho I have seen them in other places. Guess I should stop at one next time!

Your month looks about like mine!
and yaay for a cute win!! I got a couple of things in the mail this weekend from bloggy friends' giveaways, too! First time I've ever won anything! :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Did somebody say "ice cream"?? Oh, it's such a weakness of mine!

I love Brendan's hair style. I can't seem to talk my son into anything fun like that. His hair is at a perfect length right now to style, but he will have none of it!

Yeah, my April is full, too. Sad thing is...May will be so much worse. Oh, I'm exhausted just thinking about it...