Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's Mom?! 52/52 Photos of ME............I DID IT!!!

Forever In Blue Jeans

Are YOU a mom? Are YOU missing from the pictures? Most moms I know are, but here is a fun meme that brings us moms out from behind the camera and puts US in the spotlight! Carin over at Forever in Blue Jeans is the hostess of this year long picture project; and just think, after a year, you will have at least 52 pictures with you in them! It can be scary, but com'on, give it a try! It's easy, all you have to do is hand over the camera and smile (or not, it is completely up to you!!). And the best part is, you can jump in and start whenever; for me this will be my 52nd AND LAST WEEK!

WCHS Jr/Sr Prom was this past Saturday (April 10) and Ryan and I were lucky enough to chaperone...well he might not think it's luck, but I had fun! This is our 2nd year to double date with another coach and his wife.

And something else special was that I was able to 'play mom' to 2 of Ryan's students as much fun...I took them to get their hair done, their toes done and see them off! And then we were lucky enough to see them at the dance as well!

Silvia & Ryan

me & Silvia

Drea & Ryan

me & Drea

Hud & Dawn

me & Ryan

me & Dawn

This is Ryan's TA and one of the football managers, Mitzy. She is the sweetest gal and her dress was ggooorrrgeous!

The theme of the prom was A Night in New York. It was a fun night, although much too short by my standards (8-11pm), and dinner was so very yummy. The 4 adults went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. All in all it was a fun night!

Now it's your turn to join the fun...hand the camera over, say cheese, and smile!!


Stacy said...

I bet that is a lot of fun!!

You both look great:)

Stephanie said...

Fun!!! Gotta love getting to go to repeated proms :)

I'm so proud of you and your 52 week endeavor! It's so hard to get in pictures while we are always so busy taking them of other people. You did awesome with it!

-stephanie- said...

Dresses got shorter over the years. All of you looked beautiful! I love the pic of you and Ryan together.

Congrats on being in the picture for 52 weeks.

Darcie said...

I had to come over and congratulate you on 52 Weeks...YOU DID IT!!!! YAY for you and what gorgeous pictures to finish it up with!!!

Ms. Diva said...

You rock!! I just started today with my 52!!! Everone looked great! I agree the dresses ARE shorter, but then again I am a child of the 80's so I NO room to comment on any high school fashion!! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! It looks like you had a blast.

He & Me + 3 said...

Everyone looks so pretty and spiffy. I love seeing the girls all fancied up. I can wait for those days around here though:) You bet your bottom dollars me and you know who will be chaperoning. LOL Our poor girls. LOL
Great pictures.
You made it. what ever will you do on Thursdays now? I am finding it hard. LOL

Carin said...

YOU DID IT!!!! Congrats! Prom is such a fun time, we went to see the grand march of the local prom Saturday. it's so fun to see the kids all dressed up. Great pictures, you look wonderful!

Bridget said...

Looks like everyone had tons of fun! The girls are gorgeous and I love the picture of you and Ryan together.

Marice said...

awww everyone looks great :) congratulations on completing the challenge :)

u may view mine here

RaD said...


Love Ryan's socks in the pictures with the girls :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey, Glad you guys had fun and the girls look great, but what kind of car was that??
Love Aunt Judy

Alicia said...

How cute are all of you!! Wow, those dresses are something!! They didn't have ones like that when I was their age!! LOL

Very cute!

Clair said...

Well Done!!! Some weeks are tougher than others but you got to the end! I'm looking forward to next week.

These pictures are just lovely- the girls look beautiful, must make a change from taking pictures of boys!

Hope you don't go back to hiding behind the camera!

Mocha Momma said...

Looking good, Stacey! You all look fabulous.

Who's car is that in the back- ground? Now that's somethin' I wanna hear about too.

What a fun thing to do, chaperone a dance, as long as the kids are well behaved.

Have a great weekend,