Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

*We needed a car wash BADLY...VERY BADLY...so we got one on Saturday morning!
*A sneak peek at WCHS Prom Saturday night...these 2 girls are like our daughters...I took them to get their hair and toes done and they got ready at our house and then picked up there too...I promise more prom pics to come later this week! BUT I must say...prom is so very much different 20 years later!*I see these beautiful flowers every morning peeking over my fence from my neighbor's yard...she has the prettiest yard...us not so much!*Court and Silvia came and hung out for a while on Sunday afternoon...not sure if I could handle having daughters...but I love to love on these girls!*I got these pretty flowers on Easter from my sister who came to dinner...and they are still going strong. So pretty...I love having fresh flowers on my kitchen table!
*Ryan gave me this rose from one of the tables at prom Saturday night and I thought it was so pretty the way that it is opening up.
*I am ALL about control...so for Brendan, and Colin for that matter, to have hair this long...IS DRIVING ME NUTS! He won't cut it for anything...NOTHING...and IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!! I have go to let it go...breath...breath..breath...I keep telling myself to pick my battles!*I think I said in my last Tuesday Random Thoughts that here it is sandal and painted toe weather...so I was finally able to go and get myself a pedicure...aaahhhh...to be pampered...I heart pedicures!
*I am not sure if you can see this...but it is my house thermostat and it says 80*...YEP...that's right...it was 80* on our house on Sunday night...but I am holding back with all of my might and NOT putting on our AC just yet. So we are sleeping with no covers in summer PJs and ceiling fans on high!
*OH and we got new neighbors yesterday and I havta tell you that the boys ARE SO EXCITED...cuz there is a boy their age that moved in and after one day they have all become fast friends!!

*And today would have been my Nannie's 90th Birthday...we celebrated her dancing with Jesus a month ago today...Happy Birthday Nannie...Love you lots.


Stacy said...

Beautiful girls!!!

Wow, 80 inside the house??? Too hot for me:)

He & Me + 3 said...

lots of random thoughts. B's hair is super long. wow.
Love the rose and the flowers pretty. The girls look gorgeous. Love that you have teenagers hanging out at your house. Maybe if we lived in Waterford we would too. I would love some babysitters hanging around. Love the pedicure. Turn on the air you are suffocating me. For the LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey
Srill read every day, and thanks for wishing Nannie a Happy Birthday, as I did also. Love to all and when Brendan gets to hot, he cut his hair.
Love Aunt Judy

RaD said...

Glad I'm not the only one whose boy hates haircuts. But compared to my son's hair you boy's hair is still short! (or maybe my son's hair is just thicker) It doesn't help that everyone keeps telling him he has nice hair. The only time I like it is when he is wearing a hat cuz' I like the way his hair looks around the edges of his hat.

Channa said...

That is so sweet of you to help the girls get ready for prom! And yes, it has changed alot just in the 11 years that I have been out, ha!

PS. our car needs washing too, I think I might go do that tomorrow.

Darcie said...

Lots of thoughts...now if I can remember everything I wanted to comment on.

Cute toes...very cute!

Sweet husband...to think of his wife on prom night!

80 degrees...I am totally with you...in the winter and summer! I don't turn on heat or air until I absolutely have to.

Sweet neighbor for sharing her beautiful flowers with you...even if she isn't aware that she is.

I think that was all. ;-)

Jane Anne said...

There are a lot of fantastic things in your random post. Beautiful flowers! Lovely toes. Fantastic new neighbors!

But, wowzers, that AC would be on at my house (at least while the hubby was away- sh, don't tell...)

Bridget said...

Oh girl, this is the south and the AC has been on for a while down here... Love the pictures to go along with your random thoughts!!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

cute toesies!!
aww! the rose. my guy always brings me the first rose of the season from his rosebushes! :)

80 is about right to me! I freeze to death when the air is blowing at 78!