Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Boy Brendan Turns 10!

Not sure if you remember this post...but we finally had Brendan's birthday party and it was TONS of FUN!

Before the party he got this in the mail from his Gramma & Papa who live in MI...a table top hockey game...HE LOVES does Colin and Ryan!!

SO the make up party was on his actual birthday March 17...which was a Wednesday but since all of our friends are teachers and it was over spring break...all were able to make it! Brendan wanted a sports themed the food was sports themed as well with hot dogs, nachos, chips, cracker jacks, fruit, and football & baseball cupcakes!

Some of Bren's friends eating

Blowing our his candles

It's all about being silly!

Present time...he got lots money this birthday...most of which was $10 which was fun since he turned 10! He also got lots and lots of baseball cards!

The one thing that he specifically asked for was a sports themed bounce house! I was so busy while everyone was over that I neglected getting ANY pics of the kids bouncing and having before it was taken away, I had Brendan get in and bounce so I could get some pics!

Between all of the mulah and bball cards...he made out like a bandit!

Happy 10th Birthday Brendan!!


Bridget said...

I'm so glad that he had such a good time at his party!!! I wanna be 10!

-stephanie- said...

Nice haul! I don't see $2 bills around anymore. I'm glad he got to have another party. So fun.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

how fun! I love the cupcakes!! cute!! happy 10th to your boy! my baby is leaving 10 this year....then all my kiddos will be "big".

Darcie said...

So glad to see his smiling face, and I am sure a lot of the earlier memories are faded, because that birthday party looked like the BEST! So happy for him!!

Have a great weekend my friend!

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad he had a great time. The money was a nice birthday bonus. It is fun being 10!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to the man!! Cash is the best!

RaD said...

What a nice variety of ways to give him $10.00 - $1's, $2's & $5's.

Okay I know this is just silly, but I noticed he's holding his toe in the first picture and it sooo reminded me of something my 8 year old would subconsciously. I know silly, don't know why I noticed that.

Glad his official birthday was a great one!