Saturday, March 13, 2010

Your Gonna Miss This Moment

Pam over at Your Gonna Miss This is the hostess of this weekly meme that helps you to remember and cherish the little things in life!
The first week of March our school hosted a Dr. Seuss Spirit week! I mentioned it a few times throughout the last week...but here are the pics!
I am really gonna miss it when the boys are 'too cool' for dressing up in a fun and silly way! We had lots of fun coming up with different things for each day!


Monday was Cat in the Hat Day...wear your crazy hat!!


Tuesday was Thing 1/Thing 2 Day...dress as twins with your friend! Brendan & his friend dressed in red shirts and jeans while Colin & his friend actually wore our Thing 1 & Thing 2 shirts!

Wacky Wednesday...I think they had the most fun with this day! (so did I!)

Fox in Socks...crazy socks day! And believe it or not all the of the socks worn are mine! The boys just have plain ol' boring white socks for baseball they dove into my sock drawer to find some wild ones!!

Dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character. Colin & I went as The Cat in the Hat...Brendan choose not to dress up (*tear*).
We had lots of fun dressing up...but I know when day soon it will not be seen as cool to dress up...especially if mom is doing it!! So for now I will give them all they need to look silly and have fun and to make sure I get it all on film!

What are you going to miss? Visit Pam and let her know!


He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun week and cute pictures. i will miss those days at school too.
Glad you landed safely. Can't wait to see you.

Deborah Ann said...

Aw, I love the hats!

Jules said...

So much fun! You're right on this one, I do miss these crazy fun times with my kids. But even as they are now grown, they do some goofy fun things.

Bridget said...

Cute pictures! Kyle has never been really enthusiastic about dressing up for :(

Looks like the boys had a good time with spirit week!!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I wish our school had crazy day! We don't get a day like that! Love that they are soo energetic about it tho..I don't think my boys would be!!!

-stephanie- said...

Very cute Cat in the Hat! What a fun week.

Jane Anne said...

That is such a fun week for the kids. I love it! I will miss it when my kids don't like to dress up and be silly, too. I see a bit of that creeping in to my oldest already (he's just 9).

Love the pictures!

RaD said...

Love those socks! I too have many varieties just like that.