Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project 365

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A Picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!
I hope you have as much fun seeing a peek into my week as I am posting about it!

Sunday~ 044/365
Sunday Ryan got home after being gone for 4 days to Vegas for a coaching convention. Colin is such a daddy's boy and the attention Ryan received from him after getting would have thought he was away for months!!

...and so starts our school spirit week! Monday was crazy hat day in honor of Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat.


Tuesday instead of practice we had cheer pictures. I was the photographer, well tried to be the photographer and took fun group shots as well as 3 different individual shots of each girl. Our yearbook advisor came out and took our group shot for the yearbook too!

...wacky Wednesday!!

...Fox in Socks can only mean crazy sock day!

Our cheer squad right before our boys team played in the championship game...unfortunately they lost by was a great game! Better luck next year! This was our last game of the basketball season...we start football at the end of March. (we have football in the spring here for our district because of soccer season in the fall and they use the same fields..weird I know!)

The boys and their coach after their game yesterday. Sadly they lost by 3, but they had a great season! Now onto baseball season!

This is what Sara says on her blog about Project 365...
"I am attempting to take one photograph each day of this next year. My hope is to be able to slow down and see the small things, become a better photographer and to be reminded of the many blessings God sends my way!"

Well said Sara...thanks for letting me tag along!
Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!


sara said...

i really love spirit week!!! great job dressing up!!!

really? football in the spring? that just doesn't seem right!

great week!

Dena said...

I love how you get into the different fun days at school. My kids had a teacher like that and she has always been one of their favorite teachers. :)

Our football and soccer teams share the same field too, but we're the opposite as you. Around here, soccer is in the Spring.

Tori said...

What a fun week! I totally want to come dress up for spirit week with you! :)
Football in the Spring is different. Do fans prefer sitting in Spring rain as opposed to late fall snow/cold?
Have a great week!

Jules said...

We had those fun days here for Dr Suess too.

Boy oh boy, you sure are busy with the sports and your boys. Such fun!

Alicia said...

Those are all great!!

I love the one of Colin hugging his daddy!!! So sweet!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love your socks. So glad Ryan is back safe and sound. Love the wacky look on you too. Sorry the teams lost...
Cute cheerleading pictures too.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

So sweet that your boy has such a strong connection with his dad.

I always loved spirit week. A lot of fun memories...

I especially dig those socks!

Kim said...

Fun (and funny) week at school :-) Love the socks!

rita said...

We never had such fun times in school in Argentina. That was one huge difference I noticed when I went to 8th grade in the USA.
School sports were non-existant as well.
I believe in FUN while learning!

Amy said...

Spirit week is so much fun, I love getting to wear something different to work. Daddy's boys are always great...they grow up to be good daddies!!

Great week

Bits-n-Pieces said...

I love the way y'all tied Spirit week in with Dr. Seuss week!! I'm carrying Dr. Seuss over another week...there are just too many good books, how can you not? :)

Bridget said...

Neat spirit week pictures and great pictures of the cheerleading squad!! Looks like you had a great week!

RaD said...

Hello! I was just blog hopping and noticed your project 365. I've actually seen it before and have been contemplating it too. Seeing someone else's week (ya know besides the one I already see each week) makes me even more interested. What a great way to chronicle your life.

Thanks for "letting" me have a peek!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The beads matched the socks (LOL)

Have a great week!