Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's becoming a habit...

I think I can now drive to PCH in my sleep. Last Friday we had yet another EEG for Colin. This was a follow up one now that he has been on his meds for a month. We have another appointment with Dr. B this Thursday to find out the results.
And since he needed to be sleep deprived for this test...it was a very long Thursday and Friday...to bed at midnight and up at 4am.

Getting ready to take the sleep portion of the EEG which he was very excited about!

After the EEG was done...getting all cleaned up.

I didn't see many seizures this time around, but we did have a bit of a scare when during the light test Colin started hallucinating and saw a person standing behind him. It frightened him quite a bit and took awhile to get him settled back down. But needless to say we did, and he was able to finish his test. Another tech and dr. came in to read his scans, but nobody would tell me anything. I guess I will find out on Thursday with Dr. B.

I will let you know what the outcome it!
(and for those who don't know, Colin was diagnosed with Childhood Absence Epilepsy last month.)


-stephanie- said...

What a trooper. Praying you get good news.

Bridget said...

Can't wait to hear what Dr. B says. Hope he's doing great!

He & Me + 3 said...

I'll bet you all were so tired. That is some crazy sleep...or lack of.
My boy looks so pitiful and sweet. I wonder what the hallucination was from. That doesn't seem right. Let me know what you find out ASAP!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

oh goodness! I didn't know this was going on!
Or that you were in the Phoenix area. My b-i-l was head nurse of Cardio (I think) at Phoenix Memorial for a time...but I think he has recently changed hospitals. My sister and he live in the area.
Good luck on the results!!

Alicia said...

Awww..poor baby!! How scary for him about the hallucination. I'll continue to pray for him. He looks so pooped in the pictures. Makes me want to give him a big hug!!

Kristin said...

We will be continuing to pray for Colin and for your family. So sorry to hear you all are dealing with this. What a trooper he is.