Thursday, May 27, 2010

Left Overs

I sit here and I sit here and I sit here and as I sit here and look through my pictures and I think to lead a really very boring life!! Sad but true, especially now that I am on summer vacation (don't get me wrong...I LOVE being on summer vacation!) and really have done nothing at all this week! I know, don't be jealous, but it really leads to some very boring blog posts!! So please bear with me until I do something fun and exciting to blog about!! Thanks so much!

So as I was looking through my pics from weeks past, I found some with me in them (imagine!)and wouldn't you know that Carin over at Forever in Blue Jeans still hosts a mom in the picture meme called Shoot Me! So I thought I would share and link up!

Here is the fam after the boys' last game (a loss in the play-offs...yes it was very sad {for them!})

And this one is of me and Dawn (a friend who is not only a baseball mom but a coach's wife as well! We spend A LOT of time together throughout the year...mostly at sporting events!) I know..lucky me...don't be jealous!
Forever In Blue Jeans
Have a picture with you in it? Share it at Carin's!


Carol said...

I think it's a great post and not boring at all! You and your friend actually look alike. Maybe all that time spent together does that to you.

Lisa said...

Glad to see you out in front of the camera. Those are nice pics of you. I have a lot of pics too and I am finding fun in trying to make them look better.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What cute shots!!
Sorry to hear they lost.. what a bummer.. but I"m sure they have TONS of memories to carry them through the summer!!

Foursons said...

Love to see pictures of ourselves. I am posting one tomorrow. Yikes!

Jane Anne said...

I love seeing pictures of you with your family.

I am SO ready for summer break. The kids are in here until June 10.

RaD said...

I lead a fairly boring life myself, and with the baseball/softball season ending yesterday I find myself wondering, Man! what are we going to do this Saturday? So you are not alone!

He & Me + 3 said...

Who would have thought that there would be a picture of you at a baseball game? LOL I kid. Very hats are my fav. I wore one today:)

Jen said...

Oh! I know they are sad!
My son is looking at these pics with me and thinks your son looks like a fast pitcher!!
Our playoffs start next Thursday!
Have a great night!
:) Jen

Stacy said...

I feel like I have nothing to write about most of the time!

That is a great picture of you and your friend:)

Tracy said...

With two boys, sports will always be a part of your life. So much for the girly things in life. Looks like you have fun anyways.

Erin said...

Don't feel badly...I took a picture of myself at Costco. Now THAT is boring. Then again, that is what our lives are all about...doing the things that keep our families going, you know? I think your pictures are terrific and your kids are adorable.

Stephanie said...

Don't worry my life is the same way too. Sports school sports school! :)

~KATE~ said...

Don't worry. We are just here looking forward to more of your posts and pictures!

Happy weekend!

oh, here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/