Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet Surprise!

Forever In Blue Jeans

SO...this past Tuesday Colin had a dr. appointment. It was at 9am. We got to the office at 8:56am only to wait and wait and wait some more. At about 9:20am they finally put us into a room where I got asked lots and lots of questions, to which they should already know the answers to, but that's neither here nor there...the nurse leaves and guessed it...we wait and wait and wait some more. The hands on the clock read 10:10am in the freezing little exam room. I get up and open the door and guess who is standing there...nope not the doctor, but the nurse saying that they doctor was called away for an emergency...ok..I'll buy that ...but wait and HOUR to say something. So anyways we reschedule and leave. I wasn't going back to work and Colin wasn't going back to on our way home I decided to stop at Target, one of my favorite stores, only to find not 1 BUT 2 friends inside shopping as well!! What a uber sweet surprise! So we walk around for a bit and then to Culver's for some lunch!

These faces are only faces a mother can love!!! Colin



Here is Owen with his mom, also a Stacey, and my Colin!

Colin adores Stacey!

And here are the girls...oh and I have to mention that we are also all football wives as well and this week we have become football widows for a few weeks...spring football started on Monday! Maurin is holding Londyn, me, Emmitt in the stroller and Stacey (Owen is behind Stacey) and Colin is our photographer!

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Stacy said...

Sorry you had to wait so long at the dr. That is never fun!

I heart Traget and I bet that was fun running into your friends:)

Jen said...

Hi! My idea of torture is being put in an exam room....and left there waiting for hours...even minutes seem like hours in those awful, cold, tiny rooms.
Fun photos of the kids. Cute!
I always run into someone in's like a Mom's getaway.
Happy Day!
:) Jen

-stephanie- said...

Grrr I feel your pain. When we lived in NC the girl's dr. visits were no less than 2 hours from start to finish, and seeing the actual dr. was only for 15 minutes! Man, I hated that.
At least your day ended happy.

Bridget said...

Sorry about the dr. appt but it's always so fun to run into friends!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Super cute. Love those pictures of Colin! How fun to meet friends everywhere you go. LOL
So sorry about the waiting. Such is my life everytime I go to the Doctors:)

RaD said...

That's great that there was an "up" to your day! If you would have been there any sooner you'd have missed out on all that.

Jane Anne said...

Such a sweet surprise after such a frustrating doctor experience. Cute pictures!

By the way, I am thanking God for teachers today and you are on of them. Thanks for all that you do for the kids.

Carol said...

What a great surprise! Sweet friends at one of your favorite stores. Sounds like you had a great time considering the doctor disappointment.

Carrie said...

That is awful! I've had to pop out of the room before {as a my gown!} because you can only wait for so long...without a word from anyone! I wasn't mad...but I just wish they would understand there's nothing worse than waiting and wondering! I'm glad it all ended with a great lunch with good friends :) I love Culver's! Cute pictures! Hope the next appointment is more successful :) Take care!

chubskulit said...

Fun, fun, fun! Lovely photos!

Shoot Me, happy mother's day!

Erin said...

The doctor is just no fun...ever. Target has universal appeal, doesn't it? You girls look like you ended up having an awesome time together.

~KATE~ said...

it's nice that your not-so-good morning was replaced by a so-great afternoon!


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