Monday, November 3, 2008

It wasn't Me, I swear!

OK~ Let's see what I can remember from Last week!
Here is goes!
1. I most certainly did not wait until my mom suggested going to see HSM3 knowing that she would pay for the kids to get in!! (Thanks Mom!) What kind of daughter would do that?!
2. I DID NOT grab a piece of candy out of the center piece EVERY time I walked past it all weekend. I AM trying to lose weight you know!
3. It was not me who scolded Colin for writing on his backpack, in pen, and then cried when I found out what he wrote. (see Sunday's post for more info!).
4. While sitting in HSM3, I certainly did not tear up when Gabriella left for college. That is crazy, I am a grown woman for goodness sake!
5. I did not break a mirror (is that 7 years bad luck?) that Brendan was using for a science experiment and then have to email the teacher to let her know that he would not be able to present said experiment because I DID NOT break it...the towel being pulled off the counter broke it!
6. It was not me who waited until her mom came back into town to help her clean out the boys rooms because they were so cluttered. I am not a procrastinator. I have not said that I would clean out the boys rooms hundreds of times and then make an excuse not to do. Thanks mom for helping!
7. I so did not (with no help from my mom) clean out the boys rooms without them knowing it and get rid of half the stuff in their rooms. Although they did love the outcome (they really did!!) :)
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Until next Monday...It wasn't ME!


Davisix said...

LOL....great list! I so did not tear up during HSM3 either. That movie is for kids, not us adult types! :) P.S. Great mom you've got there!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I didn't go to HSM3 and enjoy it either. You are the worst daughter ever! LOL

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Pss...Stacey- For someone that has 2 boys I am must have some girls somewhere around you!!!! My boys have not seen any of them yet. Maybe soon when 3 is on DVD or they have shot 5 and they all have kids!

Great list!!!