Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"But Mom, You Promised!"

So this is the first time that I have done this meme, but as I was laying with Brendan, I knew I had to do it. My Brendan, my 8 year old, sweet boy, Brendan. As I was putting Brendan to bed tonight, he asked if I would lay down with him. I still had so much to do around the house and my beloved show 'Friends' was on, and I was thinking that I didn't have the time, but what was a mother to do. So we layed down and we prayed and we snuggled and then he grabbed my hand and held it until my beautiful, 8 year old fell asleep. While he was dozing off, I couldn't help but continue to pray over him. I know God has great things in store for both my boys. I was also thinking of all the times, from the time that he was born until tonight, that he crawled into our bed or I snuggled with him in his and I will miss this moment when he decides that he is too big to snuggle with his mom at bedtime. Here's hoping you don't miss this moment with your beautiful children.

Of course, this is a picture after I had gotten up and he had fallen asleep; my sweet, beautiful, 8 year old Brendan!

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Davisix said...

Oh Stacey, what a beautiful post. Tuck in time is my favorite time of the day. So precious! {hugs} to you...Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

If my kid would stay tucked in it might be my favorite time of the day. LOL They find every excuse to get up. Ugh. I can't believe he fell asleep before you. If they take to long, I am out at night. Great post.

Pam said...

Ahh! this one makes me cry! So glad you decided to link up!! my kids love me to lay with them before bed... but not the oldest two, so I know it will end with them all one day!! What a great moment to start with! hope you keep joining me!

Lisa said...

That is so sweet, I have had many times the kids want me and there is something else I would love to do too. I am glad I have made as many moments for them as I possibly can, go job Stacey you won't forget it and neither will Brendan

Lisa said...

Oh, I am right there with you on these moments. I don't necessarily climb into the brib (lol), but I love moments when he will lay down with me in my bed and we can just snuggle and enjoy that special time just the two of us. Thank God for those special moments..... I love them!!

Stephanie said...

How incredibly sweet!!!!!! Lord...they grow up too fast.

Lyndi Mac said...

Can an old Aunt butt in? It's not really you will miss those beautiful precious moments - its more you'll cherish them like a warm snugly blanket on a cold winter's night. As your hearts smile tenderly at this most tender moment with Stacy & Brendan in your days of youth so will your hearts smile in your twilight years. What glorious blessings God bestows upon us through our children in our shared solitude.
Thanks for igniting some beautiful memories.

Stacy you are more than welcome to anything. I share to bless and love it when it is passed on an on.
Love to all

Debra said...


This is such a touching post. My son used to love to snuggle with me and truth be told..all 6'5" of him will still come and lay his head on my lap and ask me to rub his head...and yes, one day I'm gonna miss it.

I love those times! I'm so proud of you for laying next to him and praying over him ... it's such a gift that we give our children.

((hugs)) to you, my sweet friend!

Named Alicia said...

Oh, how sweet! Makes this mama's heart want to cry! As I was reading this Trace Adkins was singing this song on the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes, I am gonna miss this!