Monday, November 3, 2008

Yep, we got'em; THE.DREADED.FLU.SHOT.

OK, so I picked up the boys from school and unbeknownst to them, headed for the dreaded flu shot clinic...yes, you read it correctly, the FLU.SHOT.CLINIC. I didn't say where we were headed and then the older one said, "Hey this isn't the way home." Oh lucky me, he knows the way home; he doesn't know his address, but he knows the way home :) So this was my leeway into telling them where we were headed. "Remember last week when mommy got her flu shot? It helps me to stay healthy thru the winter. Well, now it is time for you to get your flu shots." Complete silence from the back seat. Then Colin starts "Is it gonna hurt. How many? Where they gonna poke me? How many? Is is gonna hurt?" Same questions over and over and over .... "No, 1 shot in 1 arm. It will be over before you know and I brought your blankets for you to hold." Now I hear Brendan say "I am gonna take it like a man." Totally serious mind you; take it like a man, you are 8! But whatever gets you through it big guy! So we get there and this is me "If there are no tantrums and no yelling and no freaking out and no.....(you get the picture), I will buy you ice cream." Is that bad to bribe my kids with ice cream if they behave?! So we get in there and I fill out the paper work and Brendan is up first because he is the oldest. So while the nurse had him fiddling to open the band aid, shot happened. No flinch, no cry, no yell, no tears, no nothing. How about that! Colin's up next. Very nervous and hesitant, he takes a seat. The nurse is talking to him trying to distract him when he yells "OUCH!" funny thing is, she was just cleaning his arm with the alcohol swab! So, she got him opening his band aid and in went the shot and that was that! No tears, no whining, better than my face I made when I got my shot last week! So they got their ice cream and hopefully will stay healthy all winter long!


He And Me + 3 said...

Good for you! I hope it works. Rick got one last year, but got sick not once but twice while the rest of us only got it once. He is much more sickly than us though. Take it like a man...that is funny! Love the tough arm shot!

Debra said...


I love the picture...take it like a man...hmmm...gotta think about that one. Here, the guys are big and tall and fall like a big tree when they see blood or get shots! ha

I pray they stay well though! Blessings to you !

Davisix said...

LOL...take it like a man...I love that! Great pic of your muscle "men". :) Hope everyone stays healthy this winter.

Named Alicia said...

I'm gonna take it like a man! Too funny! I have to admit I am part of that mom bribing club. I have used that trick more times than I care to admit. Glad it went well!

Lisa said...

You guys are brave, Tito is the only one of all of us that got it. I should have gotten one working with patients but I got it one year and got sick anyway so well.... I lost my faith in it.
Love the pic, great blog material.

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I have signed up to follow yours..hope you don't mind :)

I love the "take it like a man" gotta love those kids! We are getting ours next week...I just hope it's as non tear jerking and uneventful as yours way! My kids tend to blow things out of proportion!

You have a beatiful family!