Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Heart Shopping!

Every year at this time, me, the boys, my mom, sister and niece head to an outlet mall not far from where we live to see the lights, Santa and to do some last minute shopping. It was a cool, damp day, but we didn't mind!

So we pull in the parking lot and to my wonderful amazement, I see The Children's Place where Mikasa used to be. Am I dreaming....I Heart The Children's Place, especially the outlet store! I was sooo excited that, yep, I pulled out my camera and took a picture of it! Oh and the deals I found!! What a great way to start off a fun day to shopping.
So we continued on our shopping adventure, in and out of various stores, finding the sales and deals that made up so happy 3 days before Christmas!

Half way through the trip, there is a playground, which made the kids (and the moms) happy! Grandma stayed out to watch them play, while mom and aunt ran into a few more stores!
After getting some energy out, we headed to the food court for lunch! Refueling is a must if you plan on finishing...and we were ONLY half way through!
So after lunch, we headed out to Santa's House. Man, the line was long, but the kids wanted to wait...so we took some pics in front of the tallest tree in Arizona and the kids played Red Light, Green Light and Duck Duck Goose with some others that were waiting. The adults took turns running into close by stores looking for last minute deals...and then wouldn't you know it, but Santa took a break! The kids were done waiting, so we finished our shopping trek and called it a day!When we got home, I tallied all that I had bought and was so excited to find that I had finished my Christmas shopping! Yay! And the wrapping begins...


He And Me + 3 said...

Me too! I am so jealous...I need to get to the outlets. Great pics and beautiful decorations.

Kelly said...

That is one tall tree.
Your day sounds like a lot of fun.
We had a similar run in with waiting for Santa for CJ's first Christmas. We waited and waited and his sign said break be back in 15 min. So we walked around and came back...30 min (after the initial 15) he still was not there. We gave up and went home. This is CJ's 4th Christmas and we do not have a single picture of him with Santa. In fact he really knows nothing of Santa. One reason was that inncident.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I really really want to go to one of the outlet centers near us (but it's not so near.. lol.. ). It will have to wait. I'm done shopping anyway. How fun for you though!

Alicia said...

I love TCP too!! There's always great deals to be found there! I'm actually going there tonight!!

Oh..and how smart of the person who thought of putting a playground smack dab in the center of it!!!!! I can imagine that's where all the dad's and grandparents hang out..lol.

Anonymous said...

Stac -- the pics turned out great. Even though it was a very
long day, it sure was fun!!
Love, Mom

Lisa said...

I just can't get over how there is no snow. Would you like some of ours? I think we have a foot by now : )

Kelly said...

I love outlets!! We have them everywhere down here!! I love that you had your camera with you on a shopping trip!! :o)

*Keli* said...

What??? You went to an outlet mall without me???? I love shopping! Looks like you had an awesome time! And I'm glad you did! Merry Christmas! xo Keli