Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What True Friendship Really Is!

Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship.
You will see no cutesy little smiley faces on this list-
Just the stone cold truth of a great friendship!

1. When you are sad --
I will jump on the person who made you sad like a
spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!!!

2. When you are blue --
I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.

3. When you smile --
I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in.

4. When you're scared --
we will high tail it out of here.

5. When you are worried --
I will tell you horrible stories about how much
worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!!

6. When you are confused --
I will use little words.

7. When you are sick --
Stay away from me until you are well again.
I don't want whatever you have.

8. When you fall --
I'll pick you up and dust you off--
After I laugh my butt off!!

This is my oath...I pledge it to the end.
'Why?' you may ask --
because you are my FRIEND!

And even though we are 2100 miles away from each other, MiMi, I still love ya babe!


He And Me + 3 said...

You know I love it! MY favorite is the one about when you are sick. That is so me. Nice picture of me...NOT. Archieves are the best:) You got it baby...True Friendship. Love ya!

Alicia said...

Aww..those pictures are so sweet!!!!!!

BTW..I have something for you at my blog!!

Kelly said...

awww. how sweet. I love true friends. there is nothing like them.

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet post! The pictures were so adorable and so cute. Even though I am married and most of us are I always remember my mom telling me in school boys will come and go but friends are with you til the end! That is so true!

Keli said...

How nice!!! I love the pictures! There's nothing better than good friends! xo Keli

Lisa said...

that is a darling tribute, love the poem. It is so hard being so far away, I wish my in laws were closer.. but when we do get together it is a real treat

Stephanie said...

Those pics are adorable and so sweet!

Davisix said...

Hi Stacey! I've missed you!! :) I just love this post. It made me smile...and miss my BFFs that I was so blessed to see just a few days ago. Friendship is a rare and precious gift. And I'm so glad you're my bloggy friend! xoxo Ang

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Wow! That is soo funny to see how little the kiddos are...Halee is cracking me up. Partly because I have only personally met you once, and I don't see your boys often but look how tiny they are...insane...

And yes, friends are the BOMB!!!

Named Alicia said...

How sweet! I love the sick comment too! The pics of the kids are too cute. And good friends are more valuable than gold.

Thanks for sharing my friend!

Debra said...


My friend Stephanie sent this to me in an email a little while back and I just loved it. #1 is my absolute favorite and reminds me so much of my sister!

Hugs to you, sweet one!