Monday, December 8, 2008

It SSOOO Wasn't Me! Was It?!

Ok, It is Monday again and now is the time to bare it all!!
It sooo wasn't me that didn't post ONE 'Not Me!' Monday and then be done!
Oh wait, yea it was!
Oh well!!
For more 'Not Me!'Monday fun, check out MckMama!
And until next Monday....I swear it wasn't me!


Named Alicia said...

Too cute! Did you have a busy day my friend?!?! Hope those kindergarteners are treating you well!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Sounds like someone was busy today.. haha. :)

He And Me + 3 said...

Very clever! I can't believe it wasn't you!

Alicia said...

LOL..good one!!

Kelly said...

funny and creative!

Jane Anne said...

Now that Not Me! post caught me off guard. Very funny!

The Martin Family said...

I had a NOT ME post like this before.... sometimes we have 'those kind of days.'

Being a former teacher and the mother of a 5 year old, I will keep your sanity over the next few weeks in my thoughts!! Good luck to you:)